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Media Blasting

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Sodablasting is the latest technology to safely strip paint and clean almost any surface. The blaster uses compressed air to deliver sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) onto the surface to be cleaned. While this process seems similar to sand blasting, all the similarities fade quickly when you understand the differences between the media and the stripping process.


Sand is a hard, heavy material that can wreak havoc on any substrate. Pitting glass, tearing up rubber or plastics, heating and etching metals causing surface deformities. Soda follows none of these examples. Instead, soda is manufactured to be consistent and larger in media size so that when it strikes the material in which is being blasted, the crystals explode outward causing a tiny explosion that removes your paint, grease, dirt, mold, or whatever you are removing.


Its difficult to explain sodablasting without using the phrase “the best part.” Why? Because there are so many advantages to soda blasting they are all “the best part!”. These include:


  • • No more harm caused to the surface
  • • No metal warping, flash rust or the masking of glass, chrome and rubber which are huge time savers.
  • • Sodablasting is a greener solution as it is water-soluble, rinses clean and is environmentally friendly.


Best of all, sodablasting is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous and FDA approved!


What can we blast?

  • • Cars & Trucks
  • • Trailers
  • • Heavy Equipment
  • • Containers
  • • Monuments
  • • Fiberglass & Wood Boats
  • • Aluminum & Stainless
  • • Stripping
  • • Wood
  • • Stone
  • • Steel Cleaning
  • • Mold Remediation
  • • Fire Restoration
  • • And More!


Feel free to contact us at (707) 422-9757 with your project or questions about material types.